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Why You Should Use Digital Marketing Sharks For Your  Amazon Ads?

10+ Years of Expertise

DMS offers unmatched Amazon Ads insights with over 10 years of specialized experience, ensuring your campaigns thrive in the competitive marketplace

Exclusive Amazon Tools

Elevate your strategy with our access to proprietary Amazon tools, propelling your ads to new heights through innovative and targeted optimization techniques.

27/7 Exclusive Support

Our 24/7 support ensures you have a dedicated team ready to assist, keeping your campaigns on track and maximizing your advertising success

Daily Reports for Precision

Receive daily detailed reports from Digital Marketing Sharks, providing real-time insights that empower you to make informed decisions.

Personalised Account Management

Digital Marketing Sharks assigns a personal expert to your account, ensuring exclusive focus and a partnership dedicated to your Amazon Ads success.

Top Keywords Planner

Harness the power of our advanced keyword planner at Digital Marketing Sharks, ensuring your Amazon Ads hit the bullseye with strategic and high-performing keywords.

Tailored Solutions

Custom-tailored Amazon Ads solutions that make a universal impact. Digital Marketing Sharks crafts strategies designed uniquely for your brand, ensuring success that resonates globally.

Your Growth, Our Mission

Make growth your mission, and make us your ally. Digital Marketing Sharks is committed to making your Amazon Ads journey not just successful but transformative for your brand.

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Account Management

We conduct a deep dive into your account and report back on your financial health, account status and structure, with identified risks, recommendations and opportunities for improvements.

Organic Optimisation

We evaluate your Content to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations to improve your Amazon performance. Covering keywords, images, listing copy, A+ content, stores, ratings, reviews, and account warnings, we provide you with a report in our bespoke template.

Paid Advertising

We analyse your Amazon Advertising performance, campaign structure, and strategy based on our best practices. We report back on areas of opportunity, highlight strategies that are working, and identify areas for improvement. Our audit includes targeting, placement, CPC/VCPM, budget and ASIN-level analysis.